Find Your Healing Path With Crystals

Christy's Crystals carries a wide variety of hand picked stones.  We guarantee  a wonderful selection.  

We also host a series of fairs, expos and conferences.  We have some of the rest healers, readers, mediums, crystals, jewelry and more. 

Finding your spirituality is our main goal.  Whether this is through crystals, stones, metaphysics, healers or readings.

About Us

A Bit About Us

Crystals and stones have been an interest of mine for 30+ years. Christy's Crystals has been in business since 2006. We are based out of Mankato, MN. 

Currently, we do not have a store front.  We meet people for private appointments as well as hold a monthly crystal fair. 

We do sell wholesale as well as retail.

Just For You

 Most of the stones we have are hand picked.  This doesn't mean we dig them all, what it means is that we do not purchase them blindly on the internet or through a  catalog. We do dig some of our own specimens.  Quartz being the main one.

I buy sell and trade all over the United States.  I will GUARANTEE what you get from us will be quality and amazing energy.   

Our Guarantee

 I will GUARANTEE what you get from us will be quality, genuine and amazing energy.  


Crystal, Psychic and Healing Fair Dates

Christy's Crystals

56003, Mankato, Minnesota, United States

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For private appointments call 507-304-3363

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